Is REX Coming For X-Plane 11?

I just found this post at the REX forums that suggests they are considering a product for X-Plane 11. While I have enjoyed xEnviro, and consider it a huge upgrade to X-Plane’s default weather engine, I’ve found the METAR data spotty and it is still (and in fairness to those devs, who have been great) very much a platform in development. In P3D I was a huge fan of REX Direct’s work, and would love to see them produce a cloud or weather product for X-Plane.

REX guys … if you’re reading this: name the price and the entire XP world will follow. And if you’d like a beta tester, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Is REX Coming For X-Plane 11?

  1. Thanks sharing this little gem. Well let’s hope it will come to fruition – they are very good at what they do. But as you say hats off to X Enviro – they have been true to theirword so far and updated very quickly. I think their servers may need an upgrade and they ssem to have gone a bit quiet recently. But nothing like competition (as long as they have the cash) to move things along.


  2. agreed. went back to FSGRW + RWC + skymaxpro (v4). i found x-enviro has no ability to set historical dynamic weather so VFR UK pilots are up the creek without a paddle most days. besides i’m reminded that for low altitudes, volumetric/3d clouds are more realistic.

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