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As in “After hours Closed Traffic,” which is a group of guys who have been flying on PE Saturday mornings (US) from non-towered fields for practice, and then finishing at a towered field with the controllers once they’re online. Today we took advantage of the Western Expansion, flying a number of short mountain fields before finishing at KSEA. Here are some shots showing what XP11 and xEnviro can do when combined with photorealistic scenery (that first one looks almost real).


act2\ \act3





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  1. When you get to a point where you’re pretty satisfied with your XPlane setup would you be willing to post some instructions for us newbies. Since the basic XPlane is good, but is much better with various addons (free and pay) it would be good to know what you recommend and in what order they should be installed. Also if there are any gotchas that we should be aware of. As I see it right now XPlane requires a bit more going under the hood than P3D. Which is ok, but can be intimidating for beginners. Or if you know of a good primer on the subject, that would work also.

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