Cross Country Simulator Practice

In my real-world flight training I have a cross country coming up from KOQN to KMDT and back. A few mornings back I pulled out the charts, flight planner, and E6B flight computer and planned the flight using real-world weather, and then flew it in the sim with only paper charts and my flight log. Here’s the flight, and for simmers looking to learn more about VFR and VOR navigation it should be of some interest as well. As always, thanks for watching.

2 thoughts on “Cross Country Simulator Practice

  1. A,

    I just downloaded all four of your airports…and found One of the libraries you used was crashing with version 11 PB eight.

    …I was told I that in no uncertain terms something like…” for your edification… This library would not or was not acceptable to X-Plane 11″

    ….BAM! Crash to the desktop!

    I can’t remember which one it was

    Therefor, to eliminate problems, I put more than several different libraries aside …INCLUDING HD MESH V3, to see that That… wasn’t abetting the crash….

    … bottom line is that I am, now, thanks in no small Part to you, into airport and Scenery design again as I was ten years ago with GMAX updated to current P3dv 3.4 Arno’s tool, as seen in my K69/P3D vids…and still am with P3D and Scruffy Duck’s ADE 170….

    As I am sure you know you, or will come to learn that doing scenery for P3D is… Kiiiiiinda-Sorta the same…but you have to learn brand-new tools in X-Plane…. And the notion that mesh in X-Plane can also include OSM data AND ground Scenery is welcome to but still mind-boggling to me.

    Would you please take do a LOOK-see at my just launched stream and tell me what I’m doing wrong with WED Exclusions? it’s 26 minutes long…. but I’m sure, quickly skipping around, a cursory glance will allow you to say, “Chas…you dumb-bunny…this is where you messed up”.

    I am at my wits end trying to figure out why WED exclusions are not working.

    Thanks muchly!


    1. Hey Chas. I had the same problem. I checked everything in the exclusion except road networks and it did the trick. Those trees may be showing as “forests” rather than “objects” …

      And if you can let me know what library is crashing that would be great. All my airports have worked in my XP 11 load, for what that’s worth.

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