The Long Awaited Basement Sim Schematics

Readers have been asking for my plans since I put the site online, but my early Google SketchUp files were rough and I made some changes during construction, so I haven’t posted them. Today I took the time to get them in order, and here they are. I will put together a more detailed set that includes the basic supplies I used as well, but in the meantime I figure this will help those looking to build their own basement simulators. I’ve been really flattered by the number of simulations enthusiasts who have started building their own based on what they’ve seen here, so if this can help them and others on their journey, I happy to offer it.

First, the lumber (and remember to measure twice, cut once!) …

Cut from 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ studs:

  • Six 4′ cuts
  • Two 3′ 10″ cuts
  • Four 4′ 8″ cuts
  • Two 3′ 7″ cuts
  • Two 4′ 10″ cuts
  • Two 2′ 1″ cuts
  • Two 1′ cuts
  • Two 2′ 9 1/4″ cuts


Cut from 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ studs:

  • Four 10″ cuts
  • Two 11 1/4″ cuts
  • Two 1′ 8 1/2″ cuts
  • Four 2′ 1″ cuts


1 piece 3/4″ x 11′ x 48″ MDF for the panel base

1 piece 1/4″ x 18″ x 46″ MDF for the panel itself

In terms of other supplies, I used long wood screws to connect the frame pieces together, and metal L-brackets to brace the corners (screwed in with 1/2 inch wood screws). Note that I DID NOT attached the panel base to the cockpit frame with screws. It simply sits on top, which makes it easy to adjust and take in and out.

And here are the basic plans: a .JPG here and a .PDF here. The panel template (which is a life-sized C172 panel schematic as a PDF) is here. Note that the panel PDF is 42″ across, and that I cut the template in half so I could make it 46″ wide. I hope it helps, and good luck!

On The Glideslope Basement Sim Schematics JPG

FlightIllusion Avionics Unboxing And First Look

I’ve been saving for this and finally pulled the trigger. Here’s a quick look at the Basement Sim’s new avionics from FlightIllusion ( I can’t wait to start flying with them! Thanks for watching.

Reader Sim: Aviv From Israel

I think it’s really cool that the Basement Sim has inspired builds all over the world, including this from 14-year-old Aviv in Israel. How cool to be building this at his age. He writes:

Im Aviv, 14 years old from Israel. Before 6 monthes I started to build my fligth sim that based on Flight Sim Liberty and your sim. Your website and videos are great, and they help my alot to build the sim. Im thery close to finish the sim, just need to connect all the things together. Here some photos of the sim.









Keep up the great work Aviv!

How To Play Audio Through Two Windows 10 Devices

I was looking for a way to send Windows 10 audio to to more than one sound device so I could have the Buttkicker picking up the low end from the subwoofer output while still having audio running through my headsets. Why? So I can keep the sim quiet for family, and so I can record GoPro audio when needed. I found a video with a method that works for me, and here it is: