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  1. N15JG,

    I must say you got the best Homemade Sim I have ever seen that looks actually Real! I very much like the redundancy with the dual controls – BUCKS $.
    As a 500 hour Private Plot at 51, – SEL/MEL/Instrument I started learning to fly at 13. and Soloed at 16. I loved Airplanes since a boy. Building flyable model airplanes before that. Nothing like being in the sky.though.. But it’s too expensive for me now. Simulation is my only option a lot of the time except for staying current as a PP which must be done as you know. Like the Avionics you just got Sweet!

    Enjoy your Videos, Love to see Multi Engine in future, (Piston engines are my Favorite) but like turbines too. Twins move quicker for sure. I have a buttkicker too, had it about 4 years though, I thought I saw a Buttkicker 2 out now? Anyway, I run mine at Low Filter= On, High cut off=on @ 50Hz – Volume near off. Volume level is key. My poor chair takes a beating!

    Keep up the good work!

    Olympia, Washington


  2. Your sim and videos are awesome..

    Maybe just tweak the layout a little to look morerealistic of your new gear..although you did say “Temporary location”..


  3. Congrats on your raise!

    continue the great vids!

    Are you going to paint around that bezel l where the old one was… or fabricate 1/ 8 – 1/4 inch wooden surround to affix to your firewall that will allow you to direct mount the new avionics …thus avoiding having to dismount all guages and doing a complete firewall repaint, and .guage remount?


    1. Thanks Chas. I used a marker to make the mount black today. But it’s temporary. Time for a full rebuild of the panel. Good news is that a few hours with the jigsaw and a can of matte black paint and it’s done.

  4. I love your set up. I’ve been thinking of getting into sim flying given that it cost so much money to fly the real thing. I have had several of my ratings for sometime now and would love to be able to practice my skills. Now that you have your new set of radios, are you thinking of selling your previous sets of radios? If so, I would really be interested in purchasing them from you.

    Please let me know.

    thank you

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