Float Plane Flying in Puerto Rico

A viewer request flight for Puerto Rico. We take the Aerosoft Beaver amphibian, departing San Juan Bay off the floats, then heading east to land at Jose Aponte de la Torre. Improvisation required to dodge clouds and weather along the way, and to manage some unexpected terrain inhibiting an otherwise straight forward left downwind approach at TJRV. I had a lot of fun on this one. Thanks for watching.

– Rex 4 direct with soft clouds
– AS16 and Cloud Art
– Orbx global, vectors, and OpenLC NA
– Aerosoft Beaver

3 thoughts on “Float Plane Flying in Puerto Rico

  1. N15JG,

    I really like your Cockpit, best design I have ever seen in an FSX simulator. No monitor bezels, has a real cabin look, windows look awesome, it must be projection.and I bet you have LOTS of cooling! I work in IT as a hardware guy for 20+ years and seen a lot of equipment I wanted to have, and as a real word pilot (Private Commercial Instrument Multi Engine), I strive for the best it can be in simulation. Kudos to a impressive setup! I would love to see more Hi Performance Aircraft in your Videos, that would be great!

    Good Job on your Simulator.

    1. Thanks so much, MC, for your comments and compliments. It’s not all projection, in fact. Front projector, with 32-inch LED TVs for the side windows. But I absolutely have water cooling on the CPU and plenty of air on the GPU.

      1. Greetings,

        I have to run my AC in my computer room to run my Sim, it get’s toasty after a while. Anyway, thanks for the response. I do really admire your setup,. best I have seen and would love to have it if I could afford it. Nice Simulator!

        Happy Flying!!

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