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    First I have to say that I realy love your videos and it is great to have a forum here!

    I am building a Cessna inspired cockpit. Because I dont have a lot of room, it is not the same size as the real plane. It is a bit narrow, about 7 inch. Also it has to be very easy to dissamble. That’s why the roof can be taken off, the side panels can be moved and the instrument panel is on wheels and can be foiled in. It takes about 5 minutes to completely switch from the cockpit to my regular desk.

    The cockpit is very early WIP, I want to rebuild the instrument panel, I have thought off adding a few more inches so I can add a second yoke, I want to add lot more details and so on. Actualy, I dont think it will ever be finished.

    At the moment I am struggling to get the best settings for the screens. Deleting parts in plane maker doesnt seem to be working anymore. If i delete a part, it used to be removed completely, so the textures and the 3D objects, but now (PB12) it just removes the texture so you can still see the interior parts. Also I still have to find the right FOV.

    But, for me, building is as much fun as flying!

    thanks for looking and sharing information!



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    I completely forgot to add a movie…..


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    Matthew Krivanek
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    Looking nice! Where did you get your guages? Is this X-Plane?


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    I, too, would love to know about the gauges. Looks like an ultra-wide monitor behind the panel?


    Basement Fly Guy
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    OMG!! Nobody’s flying the plane!!!!

    Looks great. Love the idea that it all folds away …

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    Thanks for your replies!

    The gauges are two ipads which run air manager. I run x-plane 11, beta 12.

    I am still building and improving. Today I made the cockpit about 2″ wider. I know, its not a lot, but now i can make a new panel which should include two yokes. Also i am trying to bent the sidewalls at the ends near the front screen so the cockpit gets some roundings and doesnt look like a box. Another improvement is a new roof which should fit better.

    Because the cockpit is too narrow (now about 34″), the side screens which are the right size (32″), look way too big compared to the front screen. So i am thinking of making the sidescreens smaller. I dont have enough room to make the front screen bigger.

    what do you guys think? Make them smaller or keep them as they are?


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    Looks great!


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    Depends on what aircraft you are mimicking. The C172 windows around about 32″ wide by 14″ tall, give or take model year, etc. That is actuallt the approx dimensions of a 34″ 21:9 ultra wide monitor.


    depending on how realiz]stic you are trying to be, those would be your monitors…but they are e pensive and require a lot of GPU to push two of them(2556 x 1080 or 3440 by 1440), plus the main projector (1080p).


    Now, to your question: what to do with the side monitors if they look too big with a narrower airframe. One idea, if you have the room, would be to move the side monitors out more, as far as you can, while leaving a smaller window hole in place.


    ie. say your current setup has two 32″ mi]onitors to your right and left at about 15″ distant for both (to keep the example clearer). Say they are 30″ wide by 17″ tall. Again, I am making up numbers. Disconnect the monitors from your rig and move them about 20 to 25 inches away from you for both the right and left monitor.  Now, make the whole for them smaller (say 25″ by 14″ or so, or smaller if that looks better.


    this will give you a smaller window to look through. But allow afford you some viewable parallax because the screen is set away from the whole. Meaning when you lean forward you will see some of the screen that was hidden, etc.


    just an idea on how you could make your windows smaller without getting new screens and maybe enchanted the feeling of being able to move your head to change your vantage point when looking out the windows:-)


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    Measurements windows c172


    Thanks for your great suggestion. I never thought of this option. Only problem is that I am very limitted on space. I have found the above picture on facebook, it has the dimenssions of the side window of the C172. My 32″ screen match these pretty close.



    but i am going to try to find more room so i could make the cockpit more realistic.

    thanks again!

    Here is another movie, this time with some horrible flying 😉







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    Hi all,

    because i am not happy with the side windows, i tried something new. I want to achieve this:


    So as you can see in this picture, the side window ends before the panel. The front window is round and starts before the panel on the side of the plane. You can look to whats left (or right) from you, not only by looking through the side window, but also through the first part of the front window. I mean the part of the front window above the left knee of the guy in the picture (where he has put the paper).

    In my simpit this is impossible. Also in my pit the sidewindows ( although they have the right dimensions) go much further back than necessary. I only look through the first 25″. So i tried moving the side monitor more to the front. I hope i will get the same effect as in the picture.




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    This is what i did….



    what do you think? I think it’s much better 😉

    the left window is the old, the right is the new

    Detail of the right window


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    This is a picture of both sides. Which side is better? I still have to align a lot so I hope the blacklines on the right side will disappear


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    Hanan Moiseyev
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    You drove through the fence!!!

    Amazing work!

    I am also struggling with the build of yet another C172 cockpit with two seats and just a little to little space for the cabin.
    Since I am building a mobile cockpit (it’s on wheels), I had to use a screen for the front view, and my current screen is only a 40″ 16:9 screen so it’s a bit narrow…
    I am still using the 32″ for the windows and the result makes my guests dizzy so I guess it works.

    I will upload a few videos once I am done with the carpentering and just before I start to give it all some paint.

    But, my current challenges are:
    1. The Saitek FIPs are not working at all, even with SPAD.
    2. The Air Manager application on the iPad is really hard to design (gauges sizes is hard to find).
    3. Making to Yokes and Two pedals to work good is harder than what I can read here on OTGS…

    And I want to use this opportunity to say that this website is a game changer for me! The GA sim niche has defiantly changed now with OTGS! Kudos!


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    Hi Hanan,

    thanks for replying. I hope to see som pictures or a video of your pit too!

    I think the fence is a bug with ehbk airport.

    regarding your questions, i only have a single seat cockpit so i don’t know how to set up two set of controllers. I dont use spad for the fip. So i dont how to help you.

    i use airmanager and indeed, it is very difficult to find the right settings. After i am finished with the windows i think i will build a new panel. Because current panel is too small. I willuse three ipads, this will give me some more room for bigger gauges which will make setting up airmanager easier.


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    Hanan Moiseyev
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    I am also working on a way to install either a few ipads or a bigger touch screen as gauges… This is all a matter of trial and error apparently 😉
    At this point I am actually concentrating on the scenery issues since my local GA scene (Israel) is very poorly covered by the scenery people, the ortho4xp gets bad quality imagery and xplane actually thinks that one of the tallest buildings in Tel Aviv is a hill…

    So I have much more work with that…

    I will upload some images and videos soon

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