New Simmer Tutorial Video Series (And How To Fly A Pattern)

I’ve had requests to make tutorials, so with this video I’m starting a new “Simmer Tutorials” playlist at YouTube that I hope will help simmers bring more real-world procedures to their flight simulation. I know bringing more real-world process to my own simming has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most as I’ve done my own flight training, and I hope these videos will do the same for other simmers who aren’t actually working toward their Private Pilot ticket.

This first video is about flying a basic traffic pattern, and I hope it’s of interest to simmers looking to make more realistic VFR landings in their sims. Of course, NONE of this should be considered actual flight instruction, and my intention is that these videos are by a simmer, for simmers. With that said, thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “New Simmer Tutorial Video Series (And How To Fly A Pattern)

  1. Nice job. You mentioned that your trim wheel may cause your sim to crash. Have you found the problem? I am close to my new build pc purchase and would like to know the steps or the fix to prevent a crash caused by the same flight control. Thanks for your sharing your blog and advice.

    1. It’s a Windows 10 issue and I believe it is related to the Saitek drivers. With the last Win 10 update I think my PC re-downloaded the Saitek drivers (when I use SPAD.neXt) instead. I deleted the driver and will now test to see if it works. If it DOES NOT, all you need to do is spin the trim wheel once before loading P3D to “wake up” the wheel and there will be no crash. But I often forget to do that …

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