Night Flying Over Southeast Pennsylvania

A new video, this of a night flight over Southeast Pennsylvania, with an aborted approach at KPHL and a brief stop at Wings Field for a virtual cup of coffee. We finish where we began, at Brandywine Airport.

The lighting is courtesy Night Environment’s Pennsylvania package. It can hit your framerates, but is much better with traffic off (or severely reduced). I’d rather not have traffic than have fewer lights. As you can see, Chris Bell at Night Environment does excellent work.

3 thoughts on “Night Flying Over Southeast Pennsylvania

  1. Hi! I’m thinking of getting NE California for use with PE. Winter and early nights coming soon. I fly FSX acceleration with MegaScenery and a number of high density add ons like LatinVFR KSNA / KSAN and Sim720 Palomar. Would you recommend NE California?

    1. Hi Bruce. Maybe get one of the NE regions on sale to start? It really is beautiful but I don’t know how it would work performance-wise for your system and add ons.

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