The Rift S

I caved and ordered a Rift S. It arrives Wednesday. Review to soon follow.

In other news

, instrument training continues and I’m enjoying the SR-20 very much. Took some family up in the 172 yesterday, though, for some sightseeing. It sure is nice up there.

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2 thoughts on “The Rift S

  1. Let us now how the Rift S does on XPlane. I have the Rift CV 1, and with Aerofly 2 it is an amazing experience. I still prefer the cockpit with XPlane though, the hands on feel of actual radio buttons and knobs can’t be duplicated in VR.

  2. Just Gorgeous! Showing these to my wife; I think I told you she used to do theater down there.

    Are you going to the launch?

    I’m waiting for my Reverb after selling my Lenovo WMR to help finance it.
    …really looking forward to your review!


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