More Air Manager Progress

I’ve made quite a bit of progress with the Avidyne Entegra panel modification I’m doing in Air Manager. I have the ILS bugs working correctly, have added a flight director, am making progress on the HSI display, and how have a working power tape on the left-side of the display. It’s starting to look and work more and more like the real thing, and I hope to try it out on a PilotEdge flight later today.

Here’s the original …

And here’s the current modification …

11 thoughts on “More Air Manager Progress

  1. Your panel looks great! Are using it with the Coronado SR-22? Would you be willing to share your Avidyne panel? I’m part owner of a SR-22 and I’m also working on my IFR. I know you’ve put a lot of work in on it and I will completely understand if you would prefer not. I’m currently using a G1000 display, put would prefer the Avidyne since that’s what I have in the plane. Thanks for the post, and consideration. Paul

  2. Exciting to see someone improve that gauge! I have not a clue how to mod gauges, nor the patience I suppose. Thanks for doing this and I hope to try it out sometime. Looking good!

  3. I really want to run Air Manager in P3D flying the A2A C172 trainer.

    If that is possible, I would greatly appreciated being sent in the right direction to learn how to do.

    I can reached by PM on the A2A forum under member/user name RMM


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