For Me X-Plane 11.3 Is A Mess

This is not a post I wanted to write. X-Plane has been a great experience for me, even with the betas. But now it is a mess, and has been since around RC4 or RC5 of the 11.3 beta. The physical cockpit has been virtually unflyable. For a while things worked well until I touched the throttle, at which point I’d get a total hardware crash – to reset, not to desktop. I tried all the standard steps: pref deletion, cache deletion, removal of all plugins, and even a clean and separate install. No joy. I thought I’d isolated the problem as a customized aircraft file, but even with default aircraft, clean install, no add-ins: crashes. Less predictable

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, and no longer tied to the throttle, but crashes nonetheless. And there is nothing useful in the logs. (And graphic performance in the physical cockpit, with it’s 3-4 monitor setup, has also not been great in 11.3, with me getting about the same performance in 11.3 with my 1080ti as I used to get in earlier releases with my 980ti – but I’d gladly trade lower settings for a stable system.)

So today, after another crash in the physical cockpit, I thought I’d try VR. I had moved away from my VR setup and back to the physical sim to make practice easier for my real-world instrument rating, but thought I’d run with VR and see how it goes. And it was a different story. Graphic performance was excellent – a solid 45 frames and smooth

, even with high settings. And with AviTab and my Navigraph sub I was using charts in the VR cockpit without difficulty as I simulated an IFR flight from KSNA to Carlsbad. And then

, about half way to the Oceanside VOR from KSAN, crash. At least this one was to desktop. Again nothing informative in the logs.

I will note that I am now running 11.31rc1, hoping that the beta had squashed some of the prior bugs. But as of now, my sim is not reliably flyable. This is very disappointing, especially after several years of excellent reliability from X-Plane. And reading the forums, I’m not the only one. This is a buggy release, in my view, and I can’t wait until they have moved passed it.

But there is good news: in VR I found that if I looked down just at the instruments the experience was very similar to wearing foggles whe simulating instrument conditions in the real-world. So I have that going for me …

5 thoughts on “For Me X-Plane 11.3 Is A Mess

  1. ..sorry for your misfortune, which is kind of weird, I’m running the same version as you, but all seems to be fine, so far no major issue (GPS G530 display the Origin / Destination Header right to left mean Destination / Origin ) but no stability or CTD issues.
    At the same time I upgraded my 980ti to 1080, was able to crank some slider a bit to the right (30FPS controlled & monitored) by 3jfps, but nothing breath taking.
    VR, well, here no improvement at all, moving sliders to the left ( Medium) and still, yo can have some fun but hard to really practice & executing a real flight (quality wise) …. but as mentioned, I think for this we will have to wait for the 8K headset ……


  2. I have had a very similar experience with crashes, and have suddenly realised that my payware Cessna 172 from Airfoilabs causes XP11 to crash every time I try to load a flight rendering my investment unusable. I to have had the performance drop lower from my 1080ti than my older 980ti.
    All in all very disappointing as I’ve spent upwards of £1000 upgrading my system to enjoy this only to find a very unreliable and unusable XP11 when from the start including the betas have always been able to fly with a reasonable level of certainty. Originally I put his down to using the new Orbx UK South scenery but now I’m certain it is the latest X-Plane. 11 development at fault.

  3. I’m getting a weird scenery flickering on the horizon that I can’t nail down… it’s very annoying, I have also had occasional software crashes in 11.3 if I start in one plane but then start a new flight in a different aircraft, not sure if that’s an aircraft bug or not.

  4. So far, knock wood, no problems for me. Sounds like you reinstalled completely which would eliminate any of the below as issues, but in case others come across this the known culprits revolve around:
    – X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf (in fact, blow away all preferences and rebuild from scratch)
    – simHeaven_X-Europe scenery (exclude, known scenery bug),
    – Any add-on or FlywithLUA script that messes with shadows or shaders
    – 124thATC plug-in
    – XPRealistic plug-in
    – Airfoilabs aircraft as Keith mentioned above (fix coming I’m sure)
    – XPForce released update in January, get that update too if using it.
    – someone thought that project magenta instruments may cause issues, no confirm. I use Air Manager and no issues thus far there.

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