27 thoughts on “Today Was The Day

  1. Great job! It will be a highlight of your life. I took my check ride 50 years ago this May, and I still remember it very well. Thanks to you and your videos and instructions, I can still fly my simulator every day.

  2. congratulations, see you work so hard for the last couple of years. You will enjoy you PIC a lot. Nice area to fly, Im sure you will have safety first at all time and just can add the feeling. My instructor said me that we have something inside that we need to follow and it is the feeling. One day I depart from my home airport and that day was so beautiful but something say me to stop and go back. I did it and when parked the plane found that my wood propeller lose a piece, no vibrations, but half of one of the blades.

    Enjoy , hope you continue sharing videos and helping us that now fly in the VR reality

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