An Awesome New Feature On PilotEdge

PilotEdge recently released an update to their X-Plane plug-in and it simulates VHF radio distortion. To this point PilotEdge transmissions were crystal clear unless a user either added their own distortion or

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, as I do, used real-world headsets (a solution that only distorts my audio and no one else’s). This updated plugin now brings the VHF, “aviation-style” audio to everyone on the network (controllers and pilots), and it’s highly realistic and immersive. What’s more, it’s not just a frequency distortion feature, as the plugin simulates the amount of degradation based on distance, altitude, and terrain. The further away you are, the worse the signal becomes. It’s really very slick.

Available only in the X-Plane version of PilotEdge for now, it will come to the P3D and FSX clients soon. In this flight I demonstrate this new feature with a quick flight from San Luis Obispo to Oceano. The flight also has some VFR traffic in the pattern, which demonstrates how well PilotEdge can simulate airspace and radio work.

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