A Really Beautiful Home Cockpit

One of the things I like about the forums here — at least when I have time to read them — is people posting pics of their home cockpits. There are so many cool designs and so much passion and enthusiasm behind them. It’s really great to see. One regular reader and viewer on my YouTube stream is “Taxi Into Position And Hold” (should I start calling him Tipah?). He’s built a C 712 panel that really is a work of art. Witness …


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5 thoughts on “A Really Beautiful Home Cockpit

  1. Yep…beautiful work…eye candy as a matter o’ faq …sending off my order with 180,000. pennies from under the couch cushions…gotta go the Wells Fargo truck is backing up as we speak.


  2. I really like the way you set up your cockpit, I like the look of the Flight Illusion gauges. I purchased a engine cluster from Flight Illusion, but am having trouble getting them to work. Is it possible to get some help doing this, I e-mailed Flight Illusion and have not gotten a reply.

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