You Call The Route: Mooney Ovation Point-To-Point

You Call The Route: Mooney Ovation Point-To-Point

Last year I did a series of point-to-point flights in the Piper Saratoga, departing on the next flight from the prior destination and always flying under real-world weather conditions. I’m having so much fun flying the new Alabeo Mooney Ovation that I want to do the same in it, but with a twist: have YouTube viewers and readers of the blog determine the next destination. Here are the conditions for the flight:

  • Always departing from the prior destination
  • Flights of 200 nautical miles or shorter
  • Fly under real-world weather conditions
  • The person submitting the flight suggests not only the destination, but the route as well
  • VFR only, honoring all real-world airspace conditions

I will burn orthographic scenery for each segment, and when inside the PilotEdge coverage area I will fly on the network with ATC and other PE users are welcome to fly along. When outside of PE, if others want to join and fly the segment with me via the TeamSpeak Digital Theme Park server and JoinFS, you are welcome to do so.

I would like to do the first flight today. I will begin at KHAF, Half Moon Bay, and would like to fly between 11 AM and 1 PM Eastern Time on PilotEdge. I’ll decide later if I’m going to fly VR or in the home cockpit, but I’ll probably fly VR today (and will try to alternate between the two platforms as flights continue). If you’d like to suggest a destination and route

, please do so in the comments. If I don’t have one by flight time, I’ll pick my own. Thanks for playing along.

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