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So I’ve mentioned a few times that things have been quite busy around here. Too busy to work on the book and too busy to do much posting or sim flying. The reason is that next week the Glideslope household moves from the Philadelphia area to the Tampa area. So expect a change of scenery in real-world flight posts, and know that I’m looking forward to learning a whole new area and airspace. It’s not quite certain where I will complete my training. My CFI here just got a job flying jets (which is great news), so I need to change instructors regardless. My work will keep me coming to Philadelphia often enough that I could theoretically take the final cross-countries and check-ride prep here, but my gut tells me that will probably happen in Tampa and that I will probably fly out of Albert Whitted.

More important for purposes of the blog is the sim. I built it expecting to take it apart one day, and while it’s not a short job, it shouldn’t be too complicated. Tomorrow is sim deconstruction day, and I’ll take pictures. Mrs. Glideslope has been good enough to grant the sim space in our new home. It’s probably going to be a large closet, but that’s the advantage of such a small cabin (and this might also be the time where I abandon the projector in favor of a 70-inch front screen, if I can manage one).

So that’s the latest, and as always, thanks for sticking with the blog while posting has been light.

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  1. Hey Mate,

    This is Spankybus. We live here in Orlando, Florida, which is about a 2-hour drive. Plan for a lot of heat and erratic weather:-) though I noticed while in Clearwater last year that the weather usually builds there and rolls east to the rest of Florida. We seldom got rain over the week we were there, but it got ugly overhead fairly frequently.

    I know nada about flying out of Tampa, but I’ve heard good things from a place in Lakeland, which is about an hour away from Tampa. The pro’s were distance from the International airport there. The cons is it’s an hour drive lol /shrug. Can provide an actual name if you’d like, but this is friend of a friend news that I’ve heard (he’s training for CFI).

    Regarding ditching the projector, let me know how that plays out. I’ve been weighting projector versus TV for awhile. My biggest gripe about screens for windows is the lack of parallax. If I cannot see an airport that is barely out of the window’s field of view, moving my head won’t help.

    To that end, I’ve been doing some experimentation with using a TrackIR for lateral movement only. Idea is that when I move my head in the cockpit trying to see around the blind spots that are created by the door frames etc, I might be able to peek around them.

    Obvious downside for this setup is that the view will be disorienting for my passenger. For you, it would look nuts in the GoPro. But I am thinking I can just forgo the TrackIR when I have someone flying with me.

    Another downside of a box completely enclosed by TVs is heat. The screens get warm and with no way to vent it, the cabin can get uncomfortable. Working on a PVP pipe/fan system to try and make the vents actually move air.

    Anyways, safe move to y’all. It’s such a stressful thing, so no worries that youd[be been busy. GL. Mate!

  2. What little time I have been following your blog and web site. I have learned several techniques to help with my future sim. I want to build it as close as I can to the real model. My problem is I don’t see the second roll of seats in a Cessna 172. But I just discovered that Cessna’s 150 just has the front two seat. Boy, aren’t those cabins small! Just a thank you from all of us newbies to the sim world. The best of luck in your move and next adventure. No call sign. Lell

    Anyone a quick question. Does any of 150’s models have retractable landing gears?

  3. Ditto that. I wonder about tv vs projector as well.?. Keep us posted!! So grateful to be a step behind you. Lol.

    Lell, I don’t believe 150s have retractable gear.

  4. Best wishes on moving, and looking forward to future posts. I will be patient though, as I know moving is a stressful experience. Take care!


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