How To Have Even Better Night Lighting In X-Plane 11

The night lighting in X-Plane 11 is fantastic. But it can be even better, and a few folks have asked what modification I used to get the even better night lighting in my most recent video. It’s a little file at the .Org called “Better Lights,” and it’s now in V2. It’s simply a text file that replaces your default lights configuration. You may get it here, and be certain to backup your original lights.txt file by renaming it to something origlights.txt before you start. And like most of the stuff in the X-Plane universe, it’s freeware.

Here are some pics from the author.





3 thoughts on “How To Have Even Better Night Lighting In X-Plane 11

  1. I installed that file but the draw distance remains the same, can this be changed ? I tried changing the values in the 12 lines in the light file colum 5 from 85 to 100 but it didn’t change the draw distance.

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