My X-Plane 11 RC1 Graphics Settings

A few requests have come in for my graphics settings. This is what I’m using now, and note that it’s working very well for my rig. Your mileage may vary. Sorry I can’t post a screen shot at the moment …

  • Visual Effects: One notch in from the right.
  • Texture Quality: Full right.
  • Antialiasing: One notch in from the right, and if clouds tank the frames I go down to FXAA.
  • Draw Shadows: On if frames are above 20-25, off if below.
  • Number of World Objects: One notch in from the right. If frames are very high, full right. If in SoCal, two notches in from right.
  • Reflection Detail: Minimum – I don’t fly over a lot of water.
  • Draw Parked Aircraft: On.

And while it’s not on this screen, I nearly always fly with AI aircraft off. They can really hit the CPU.

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