Fly With Me (And A Bunch Of Other Folks) Tomorrow

Fly With Me (And A Bunch Of Other Folks) Tomorrow

PilotEdge has a cool event planned for tomorrow night (US time):

It’s a WUS/ZLA hybrid event with a a WUS departure point (MRY, which WILL be towered for the event), and a nearby ZLA departure point (KSBP), with everyone heading to BUR. After a quick turn, it’s off to sunny Henderson. The idea is to have multiple departure points with a common enroute segment with lots of arrivals and departures at BUR before everyone heads over to Henderson to finish out the event.

More details here. MRY to BUR is a 223 nm leg, so that’s good for our friends in jets or faster props. SBP to BUR is 129 nm, so that’s better for our low and slow friends. And from BUR to Henderson is 191 nm, so that’s in between. Then event is 18:00-21:00 Pacific time, so there’s a three-hour window for the flights.

I’ve never flown out of Monterrey in the sim, so I’m going to load in there in a Saratoga and fly the leg to Burbank. Should take me about 1:25 and the ATC traffic should be engaging all the way. Hope to see you there.

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