A Fix If The New X-Plane Clouds Are Cratering Your Frame Rates

Try turning your antialiasing settings down to FXAA. SSAA can really hit your frames when working with transparent objects like clouds (which former P3D users know well). The other day when I went into an overcast cloud deck my frames when from 30 down to 7. I turned the antialiasing down to FXAA and my frames immediately went back up to 30 FPS, and then when I was in the thick of IMC, 50 FPS, with no visual change to my eye.

12 thoughts on “A Fix If The New X-Plane Clouds Are Cratering Your Frame Rates

  1. Would you be able to share what graphics settings you are using in X-plane to get the performance you are seeing? ie, do you run everything at max?

  2. Hi. How do we ‘turn your antialiasing settings down to FXAA. SSAA [causes fps hit]’.. i’ve look at the nvidia settings. And the x-plane 11 graphics settings. Thanks.

  3. thats strange x-plane/graphics window anti-aliasing slider just states 1x upto 16x full right. version is 11.00r1. but in the Nvidia (gtx 750ti) control panel i didn’t see anything labelled SSAA but i do have FXAA turned on & most of the others are ‘application controlled’ other than threaded optimization which of course is OFF as strongly advised by the org. never mind, i guess it’s my card drivers are different. btw. i uninstalled the awful nVidia experience sw with no ill effects today – unnecessary bloat-ware i thought.

    1. The AA slide shows different settings if the slider above it is HDR or not. If you slide visual effects up to HDR you’ll probably see different settings on the AA slider. As for the NVIDA Experience, just remember to update your drivers manually as it will no longer notify you of new releases.

      1. he he well what do you know.. you’re right. ok so HDR levels give me < 20fps so i'm going to wait for my pc upgrade which i will treat myself to in the summer… with a gtx 1080 of course ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers.

  4. So frustrating. I’m one of the people who was watching your stream the other day and asking you about what graphics card you have. As of now I’ve just got my father’s PC which was def not built for gaming with I think just 4 GB physical memory, and a graphics card with about 768 or whatever mb of VRAM on it, some older ATI one. Dual core, sure.. oddly using 3jfps wizard and overclocking both the CPU and GPU using the ATI utility for the CPU and MSI Afterburner for the GPU, I can get the fps up to like 17 in cockpit sometimes. But it seems really sporadic. It might be when it’s sunset or after dark, only… and it jumps up around sunset is just a coincidence since I spend all day working on this lately. The fact I probably need a $300 or more graphics card to get XP11 running smoothly is irritating as well, or depressing. Since lately I’m into flying on VATSIM though, and can’t put up with FSX and it’s lack of realism any longer, will see if I can maybe get a tolerable fps with X-Plane 10 instead. It’s so bad with 11 that ATC was asking me last night if I”m running X-Plane 11 and told me about a “bug” causing fps drop, and how if it’s below 20 fps it’s hard for them to work with you. Embarrassing…
    The option you’re referencing will only show up in peoples settings who have an nVidia card. Thank you.

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