X-Plane 11 Beta 14 Is Out (Plus, An Observation)

So there you go. Automatic download on your next boot should you choose to accept it. I’ve been tracking the comments about it at AVSIM and X-Plane.org and it seems to be, as each release is, a mixed bag. New clouds, which should make just about everyone happy. Reports of better and or worse frame rates. Reports of better and or worse aircraft performance. So it goes.

In reading the threads online, though, I was struck by something I’ve noticed before. It’s amazing to me how many people will 1) sign up to use (which means “test”) beta software, 2) immediately download the most recent release of said beta without waiting to see what, if any, issues it may present, and then 3) bitch about how it’s buggy or not what they expected.

I just got off a transatlantic flight (real world, not simulated), so perhaps I’m a bit grumpy. But my view is, if you’re going to be a beta tester, don’t complain about bugs. File them and move on. And if it’s a beta with multiple releases, wise up and don’t volunteer to be the first guy running the new release if you don’t like unexpected outcomes. I used beta 9 all the way until beta 13 for just that reason, and was perfectly happy for it. Others may want to do the same.

OK, back to our normally genial programming …

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