Join Me For After-Hours Closed Traffic On PilotEdge

Regular readers probably know that most recent Saturday mornings (US time) I join a group of other simmers on PilotEdge to do pattern work and practice radio skills together. The group is called “ACT,” for After-hours Closed Traffic (as the PE air traffic controllers are offline when we begin), and it’s been a lot of fun. The general plan each time is to start at a non-towered field, do some touch-and-gos, fly to another non-towered field, and repeat. After a few stops we then typically head to a towered field in PilotEdge to land under ATC control. There are usually four or five of us online each week. Here’s the schedule for this Saturday at 9 AM ET (all of which are fields in the greater Portland area):

W04 (Ocean Shores)
14S (Westport)
2S9 (Willapa Harbour)
7W1 (Port of Ilwaco)
KAST (Astoria)
KPDX (by MisterX – an excellent designer of freeware X-Plane scenery)

If you’ve never tried PilotEdge, I think you should consider joining us, even if just for the non-towered part of the flight. It’s a great service, and ACT is a great way to begin to learn the ropes. PE has a two-week free trial, so there’s no fee for entry, and we can talk you through the radio calls, so it would be a learning experience as well. If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for a free trial and download the software for your sim. Then, next Saturday at 9 AM ET, just position your plane at W04, connect to the network, tune your COM1 radio to 123.45, and fly with us. It’s a great way to learn the system and have some fun at the same time.

Finally, the hyperlinks in the list of fields above are links to the latest custom X-Plane scenery for each field, should you want them. Be sure to download the latest version as there are multiple iterations.

I hope to see you there!

Taking Some Time For Practice

The weather in my neck of the woods has been consistently bad, or at least bad enough, that night take offs and landings (which is my next real-world lesson) have been off the books from a safety perspective whenever we’ve tried to go up. It’s been about three weeks since my last flight, and I realized today that I should be working a bit harder to keep to my aviation studies. So I decided to load up the sim and fly the PilotEdge I-1 rating, which is the ILS 20R arrival into John Wayne / KSNA. I’ve already completed this training, but it was a while ago, and I thought some instrument practice today would be good for the brain.

Weather at KSN was VFR with broken clouds around 3,000, so I resolved to take off and then look only at the instruments until I was at 300 feet on final approach (the real-world minimum is 255). Things went fine, I showed up in front of the runway where I was supposed to be, and it felt remarkably like real-world hood work minus the G-forces. So this was good, it felt like practice, and I think I’ll start to pursue the PilotEdge I ratings in earnest as a way of keeping my head in the game until the weather improves. Next up is a short IFR flight from KSNA to KCRQ. Here’s the KSNA 20R ILS procedure for those who are curious.


APXP X-Plane Airport Scenery Resource

If you’re looking for a good resource of the airports available for X-Plane, one of the best I’ve found is It lists the default and user-generated airports for the entire world, organized by country and on a map. And it’s very current – my sceneries were added within a few hours of my posting them online at Very cool.

1K1 Lloyd Benton Field (X-Plane)

1K1 Lloyd Benton Field (X-Plane)

My third scenery design, this is 1K1, Lloyd Stearman Field in Benton, Kansas (formerly known as Benton Park). Named in honor of aviation pioneer Lloyd Stearman and home base to seven Stearman WWII biplanes and various other warbirds. I made this as a request, and hope it’s of interest to those simming in the Wichita environs. This scenery works with X-Plane 10 and 11, and requires:

  • OpenSceneryX library
  • Prefab Airports library
  • MisterX library

Also note that the attached images reflect MisterX HD Airport and World2XP. To install simply download the .ZIP file, uncompress it, and add to your Custom Scenery folder.

I’m still learning my way with this, and am open to any feedback. This airport also took the better part of the day, so I don’t know that I will do many more requests (although I enjoyed doing this field and learned a lot). But as I create new sceneries for airports I sim at, I’ll continue to upload them here. Thanks.

1k1 13

OTG1K1 - 3

OTG1K1 - 4

OTG1K1 - 5

OTG1K1 - 6

OTG1K1 - 7

OTG1K1 - 8

OTG1K1 - 9

OTG1K1 - 11

OTG1K1 - 13

OTG1K1 - 2