1K1 Lloyd Benton Field (X-Plane)

1K1 Lloyd Benton Field (X-Plane)

My third scenery design, this is 1K1, Lloyd Stearman Field in Benton, Kansas (formerly known as Benton Park). Named in honor of aviation pioneer Lloyd Stearman and home base to seven Stearman WWII biplanes and various other warbirds. I made this as a request, and hope it’s of interest to those simming in the Wichita environs. This scenery works with X-Plane 10 and 11, and requires:

  • OpenSceneryX library
  • Prefab Airports library
  • MisterX library

Also note that the attached images reflect MisterX HD Airport and World2XP. To install simply download the .ZIP file, uncompress it, and add to your Custom Scenery folder.

I’m still learning my way with this, and am open to any feedback. This airport also took the better part of the day, so I don’t know that I will do many more requests (although I enjoyed doing this field and learned a lot). But as I create new sceneries for airports I sim at, I’ll continue to upload them here. Thanks.

1k1 13

OTG1K1 - 3

OTG1K1 - 4

OTG1K1 - 5

OTG1K1 - 6

OTG1K1 - 7

OTG1K1 - 8

OTG1K1 - 9

OTG1K1 - 11

OTG1K1 - 13

OTG1K1 - 2

4 thoughts on “1K1 Lloyd Benton Field (X-Plane)

  1. I want to say thank you so much in taking the time in doing this and apologize of it taking much of the day in making it. But from switching over to XP11 and going to stearman noticing it was just a bear strip, it was disappointing. I looked everywhere for a scenery for it and I am thankful that you took your personal time out of your day in making this scenery happen.

    1. No need to apologize as I enjoyed doing it! I just can’t manage a list of field requests. I was happy to do this one and it was a fun project. I hope you like it. Note that you can start at one of the residential hangars. 🙂

  2. Great stuff A!… though I think it would do better service to your creations to be depicted with shadows on …

    What would be very cool would be for you to show us the process of creating those three Sterling new fields!



    1. Thanks, Chas. Good idea on shadows. I’ll think about a vid or post. I’ve just been feeling my way, but it’s fun. Now working on Wilmington KILG but it’s a much bigger project.

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