Fun Is …

Listening to Philly Approcah and NY Center on your new handheld air band VHF transceiver, which Basement Fly Wife was nice enough to give me for Christmas. This will be my backup for my solo work in the real airplane, but while at home it’s sitting on my desk scanning the local frequencies. (Just don’t hit the PTT button, ’cause this baby broadcasts as well.)

6 thoughts on “Fun Is …

  1. This is AWESOME. I have had a flight sim cockpit for years and until I found this site, I was starting to lose inspiration! Thank you for bringing new life back in my sim!

  2. second to “Tims FLight Sim” .. this is what I was waiting for and it will affordable and way more cost effective than all the other I was looking at … tnx
    Good bless
    Wishing you a happy Sim year


    I noticed that you are using Desktope aviator Fuel Selector, which I use as well and had no problem to configure it on X-Plane 11, however, I have the DesktoAvaitpr GPS, but for some reason can’t find the way to configure this one (I see on the list all the commands for the G430 & the G1000, but though the G530 is the default GPS there is nothing on the list.
    Any ideas ?

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