The New Panel (And A General Update)

The new panel is done, at least for the most part. The placard stickers didn’t make it from the old one (the were tearing when I tried to remove them), but other than that it’s up and running, and there’s a short video below.

In other news the list of sim projects I have underway seems to keep growing, and right now the to-do list of work underway includes:

  • Figuring out the final on / off switch config for the new radios (so they light up when I flip the avionics switch on the panel).
  • Designing my first home-built airport for X-Plane (KOQN, my home patch).
  • Building a center console for the sim that will hold the trim wheel, throttle quadrant, intercom, fuel switch (and perhaps a couple of cup holders) – and I hope to do this today.
  • Lots and lots of “How To Simulate” flights and viewer request flights.

And of course, I’m still working on the still-lengthening guild to building a GA home cockpit. Yesterday was good for this, as it gave me fresh recall on a bunch of panel-related items, and gave me the chance to snap some photos that will help illustrate things in the book.

So it’s good the holiday season is here with some time off!

9 thoughts on “The New Panel (And A General Update)

  1. Well broke down and got X Plane 10/11. The scenery was by far the best compared to P3d as my opinion. Now will have to figure it all out when I get the time…

  2. Idea on your avionics issues. In the 3D cockpit for the 172sp in X-plane 11, there are 2 bus switches for avionics. The desktop aviator has one switch for avionics. I ran into a similar problem in that the 172 panel in air manager also has 1 avionics switch. When I clicked it, only half of my avionics came alive in-game. I had to manually click the other bus in the virtual cockpit directly.

    Maybe double-check hat the avionics switch is set to activate all buses vice one?

    1. That was it. I still haven’t found the right dataref for bus 2 in the 172, but at least I know what the problem is. For now I just click it in the virtual panel.

    1. Thank you Raul. Check out the “How To” tab at the top of this page. It will probably answer many of your questions, and there are other posts here that do as well. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

  3. Did you ever find the data reference for bus 2? I’ve been trying anything that looks close for the last 2 days and haven’t had any luck.


  4. I posted this also to your “Why I switched to X-Plane 11” post as I couldn’t find this one initially. The data ref for bus 2 is: Cross Tie On & Cross Tie Off . I programmed my Avionics switch on the Saitek panel to do sim event: “Avionics On” and “Cross Tie On” when I move the switch to on and vice’versa for off.

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