X-Plane 11 Visuals Continued

A new video, shot with my phone, showing off some of the textures in the default X-Plane 11 scenery textures, and xEnviro clouds and sky textures. I was impressed with the quality of the default textures, although flying around the LA basin this morning I think I’ll look for something that improves upon that part of the world …

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    1. Very seriously. The flight model in XP is very good, even with the default C 172. The visuals are fantastic, the UI is a breeze, and it loads in very little time. Most important, no memory issues. I’ve had two crashes to desktop, but think they were both self-inflicted as I was messing around with panels etc. And this is only a beta. I think it’s great. The only thing I miss is how easy it is to fly VFR with real charts with P3D vector / ORBX. But I’ve just downloaded HD mesh for the us (free, by the way), and am eager to see how that works out.

      1. Sounds great. I have been a p3d user for a long time and just recently downloaded the Xplane 11 demo. I believe I have to download the Saitek drivers for xplane on my computer cause I couldn’t control the plane when I took off. I was very surprised at how fluid it was, but I also get a good fps rate with my P3d. I am still contemplating if I should make the change. I feel like P3d will eventually move to 64bit, but the thing I am liking about Xplane is the huge amount of quality freeware, however the negative I see is the ATC. I use VOX ATC with my P3d and not sure how good the ATC is in Xplane…..BTW like your basement sim!!! I have one similar but without a projector, which is fine. In fact I just put in two monitors for wing views, after days of trial and error I finally got the views I want. I had to go in and select the surround option in my graphics card, stretch it out to 3 monitors and then I go in select new view and place my wing views. If I went in and tried to undock the window my FPS crashed and was getting like 9 FPS but got it to where I don’t have to undock the other views and it is working great…

        1. Great and thanks for reading! And I think P3D will definitely go 64 bit in the future. That will help with memory, but won’t make it necessarily run better. I look forward to it either way.

  1. Yup…hmmmwhat did I just type…the font, at least on iPads, is 5 points smaller in the comments section on than font(s) in on the glideslope text….

    …anyway…if I did not have many hundreds tied up in P3d, scenery and other DLC…I would seriously consider giving me the Christmas present of migrating to X-Plane 11.

    NOW…IF I could ;
    1. have a much bigger font here, and;
    2. Have a way to edit my posts…post …ummmm…posting here, and;
    3. just frakkking get my fracking mouse cursor to show up on my X-Plane 11 center(of three) screen..

    .I would be a happy camper….and maybe less of a curmudgeon….✌️️.

    Happy holidays to all


    Just a curmudgeonly cry of defiance…huuummmwhat did I just say?

    …lemme magnify it

    1. I’m trying to figure out that font issue, Chas. It drives me nuts! And I like your curmudgeonly moments. They keep it real. I’ve thought a lot about the investment I made in P3D, but so far XP has only cost me the $60 I spent on it and the $70 on the weather engine. I’ve since downloaded the equivalent of vector and ORBX landclasses for the US, along with several airports, new HD airport textures, and some 2,000 upgraded small airfields for the grand total of $0. There’s so much quality freeware out there for XP it’s amazing.

  2. Great videos covering XP11. I use XP10 and plan on staying with it for a while longer as XP11 is developed and eventually released. Please continue to post XP11 videos and let us know how you are overcoming some of the concerns.

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