First Thoughts On X-Plane 11

So I downloaded the demo and spent some time working with it today. First reactions …

  • The user interface is spectacular. I cannot WAIT for this to be the standard in the sim world.
  • Full graphics were a slide show on my rig
  • Most important (for me) is that while the new multi-screen interface is clever and makes it easy to span a view across multiple monitors, I wasn’t able to achieve the immersive “out the windows” views that I prefer in the Basement Sim. Unlike the custom cameras in P3D, in XP11 when you move the eyepoint for one monitor, they all move, and I need variable eye points to get views out the side windows and the front that don’t show the panel, window frame, seats, etc.

So variable eye locations become a future option, XP11 holds promise for me. Otherwise, unfortunately, it probably does not.

7 thoughts on “First Thoughts On X-Plane 11

  1. The views are easy to fix and you can configure them to however you like them. You just have to go into the PlaneMaker.exe and make what parts you want visable and what parts you don’t. So if you just want the wings in your views you just make those visable and make the seats, panel invisible etc.

  2. Hi. I haven’t looked at xp11 yet but am a big xp10 user. I use xcamera plugin to achieve what you have in your basement sim. I have side window views using this plugin. You can set as many cameras up as you like and position them anywhere in the world. I do however use multiple networked PCs ( I5 / GTX970) to have all features maxed out with my sim. I love it. I have though always been envious of prepar3d and the ability to use Orbx. I am hoping that they will now deliver on xp platform too. I use vfr photo scenery on XP10 in the UK and it is pretty good, but the textures in your videos seem superb. Keep up the good work with your videos!

    1. Tim, can you post a youtube video that shows your side views? Will help to decide if x-plane or P3D. , X-plane guys are saying they will include the eye eye-point as a free in one of the next X11 updates

    1. There is a way to do it. I currently have a powerful PC running 3 screens. I use software called fly elise to give me a viewpoint for each screen. You can download the demo version for free and in the zip folder there is a plug in for xplane. The software is incredibly easy to use and looks amazing. Note that the demo only allows for 2 screens and if you want more you have to register and get a license key. Well worth the money though and gives you the same set up as ontheglideslope.

      1. I made some videos if anyone is interested. This is a 3 PC setup and is temporarily on my desk while I await a building for it. It will have front projection and side windows like OTG. It also has a panel which means I will be scenery only on the forward views. If you search for me on youtube (Tim Spanoudakis) you will find the videos. Hope they add some value …. excuse the quality phone in one hand while flying with the other !

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