Grand Canyon West To Sedona

This one was fun: a viewer request flight from Grand Canyon West to Sedona. We get to learn about VOR navigation and dead reckoning, do forward-slip on final, and there’s even a guest appearance from my favorite co-pilot. A great flight. Thanks for watching!

3 thoughts on “Grand Canyon West To Sedona

  1. Tried this flight today in a standard FSX Cessna 172. Ended up south of Sedona. But landing was troublesome. I tried rwy 21. I had to come in high because of 2 hills just before the runway (at least in my scenery). for one reason or another I could not get the aircraft settle down on the runway. Even when cutting the throttle early, it kept floating. Tried 4 times and and each time had to make a go around at the end of the runway, Finally tried rwy 3 and more or less “crashlanded” – navy style -. Can’t understand why it would’t land.

    1. If you had real world weather you had a pretty strong tailwind on 03 that would have made that difficult. That hill on 21 is an issue but a final that starts at 500 AGL should give room. Curious. You had full flaps and a final approach speed of about 65-70 knots? Too much speed can mean a lot of float in the ground effect.

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