4 thoughts on “A Floatplane Tour Of New York City X

  1. Great scenic flight…thanks for your efforts and dedication….very helpful for me to get into homecockpit simulation…got many useful tips and directions from your posts on Youtube and from your website….which is probably the best hobbyist website ever…I am always looking foward to your posts..!

    Thank you again and best regards

  2. Great video. A question about the Drzewiecki software. I have a “similar” setup to you with 3 screens. With the default P3D NYC scenery I can barely manage 15 to 20 FPS. Can you tell me, is the Drzewiecki scenery optimized in some way to provide better FPS performance? Any other adjustments you may have done? For instance, is Orbx scenery turned off for this flight. I really like the Drzewiecki scenery, but I’m a bit hesitant about it if it is harder on my system than the default scenery.

    BTW, I got both the Orbx Rockies terrain areas and have thoroughly enjoyed retracing your flights around Spokane and Jackson Hole/Yellowstone. Also, Old Faithful is there! About 10 miles out of Yellowstone it is on the right. I guess it may have its quiescent times. Maybe when you were flying by.

    1. Hi Tom and thanks for the question. I didn’t turn of any of the Orbx for that flight, and maybe I should have. But I still had decent frame rates, and I have to attribute that to the CPU (a 6700) and GPU (a 980ti). From all I’ve learned, the rig is what makes the big difference on performance. Not sure what you’re running but the PC may be the issue with scenery like that.

      I’m so glad you like and are re-creating the flights! I flew in Yellowstone again in the sim a week or two ago and did see the geysers. I thought that was so cool. The Orbx regional scenery is really amazing stuff. I can’t wait until they release something covering my old home state of Utah.

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