LWF: Roger Dodger Aviation

Here’s another link worth following: Roger Dodger Aviation. I found RDA via his YouTube channel as I was looking at ways to improve the Saitek Cessna yokes in the basement sim. His channel is great, with a lot of helpful how-to videos specific to cockpit construction. He also has a website, DIY Flight Sims, which serves as a front door to his home cockpit design business. There’s a lot there, and anyone who is doing this much to support the hobby deserves a nod. 

4 thoughts on “LWF: Roger Dodger Aviation

  1. Hi, what did you learn re the Yokes? I see you (and your talented son!) fly with 2 yokes – are they independent or interdependent? If the latter, how did you hook them together? I have seen examples where people have physically linked dual yokes, I’m wondering if you have found a solution in software – or are just manually doing the “you have the plane”…. If so, how does the sim rspond to yokes / rudders being in different positions?! E.g. You are banking left, your son is banking right?! Nice work on the sim and your website BTW!

    1. They are independent. That was just easier for me, and far less expensive. “You’re airplane” is how we work it. In terms of the sim’s response, it responds to the largest and most recent input. So if he or someone else is about to get us into trouble, I can in essence override them until I get their hands off the controls. And thanks for reading and watching!

      1. Excellent – thanks for confirming that! It makes perfect sense and means that I may now do the same in my sim, too.

        The MIP is built – with space for a second yoke, hopefully (cannot remember, need to check!).

        I will be inserting the MIP into a SimSamurai CS-1 Stallion, which I have the blueprints for and will build one day.

        Keep up the good stuff!!

        Cheers, Dean.

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