PE Alphabet Challenge Leg 4: Delano (KDLO) to El Monte (KEMT)

I’m backed up on a few PE Alphabet Challenge flight posts. Here’s the leg 4, “D” to “E,” which is Delano to El Monte. The plan was to fly VFR with VOR navigation via the Lake Hughes VOR, using the A2A Cessna 172 and autopilot:

SkyVector__Flight_Planning___Aeronautical_Charts 2

You can see what the autopilot does in terms of nice straight vectors and altitude profile:


PEaware____N15JG_KDLO-KEMT 2

Have to go up high to clear the mountains and the condor sanctuaries. Here’s the current Alphabet Challenge progress map to date, with legs A-E flown (you can click it to see it much larger sized):

Alpha_Challenge_In_Progress 2


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