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    I did a quick search and didn’t see this posted anywhere, so I decided to ask. Where do YOU all like to fly? Do you fly during the night or just during the day?

    I’m an equal opportunity guy. I like day and night flying. Usually I stay around the western US, with my GA time spent almost exclusively in Utah, because I know it. I do occasionally get over to the UK because of a personal connection I have there, but it’s been rare the past couple of years.

    However, I’ve been watching a lot of Steveo1kinevo on YouTube of late and I’ve started flying in the Bahamas and down the Exhuma Chain. I’ve not found a lot of scenery for XP9 in that area, so I have to stick to P3D on my desktop instead of my basement sim, but it’s still a lot of fun.

    So, how about all of you?


    I usually stay around the middle TN area, though anywhere from Pigeon Forge to Tuscaloosa is fine by me. Mountains, fairly level stuff, plenty of riverside airports and my hometown.  Aside from that, I like Jamaica.  Mostly because of the relative small size and challenging airstrips. Really have to slip in to a couple of them.  IMaybe one day I’ll go in real life.)


    Basement Fly Guy

    Western US. Utah especially. Philadelphia area as that’s where I fly in the real world. I’ve done some simulated hops in Alaska which were great. And I did a request flight in Nigeria, and it was awesome. No reason not to boot up the sim and head to Africa!

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    I love Tennessee. I have a couple friends that live there. Gorgeous place.

    I go to Alaska occasionally. I’ve never flown in Africa though. That sounds interesting.

    Best flight I ever had, however, was flying the Captainsim B-52 on the Operation Chrome Dome northern route, with in-flight refueling, in the seat the whole time minus two potty breaks. I was SORE for a day, but that was really fun… When it was over. Haha

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