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    Brian Hedrick
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    Hoping someone can assist.  I recently acquired an FIP and have been trying to get it to work with X-Plane 11 with no success.  I’ve tried the Saitek PlugIn and Spad.neXt (SN) and although I can get gauges to show up on it in SN, nothing happens when I actually go in to XP.

    any help from anyone would be appreciated.

    Happy flying!


    Basement Fly Guy
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    First, you need the SPAD.neXt X-Plane edition. Make sure you have it and not vanilla SPAD. Second, you keep running SPAD.neXt when you run X-Plane, yes? Do not close it. And in SPAD you have configured it to talk to X-Plane? You do this under the Simulators section of the SPAD configuration settings …

    See more here:

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    In (xplane 11) is there any way to configure the Saitek FIP so it turns on when the Avionics Master is flipped on and turns off when the avionics master is off?

    Thank you.



    Hanan Moiseyev
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    yes, set the FIP in spadnext to use aircraft power


    Emil W
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    Hello, I’m new to X-Plane and all the equipment. Is the SPAD.neXt, best for controlling all the Saitek controllers, ie. ( yoke, radio, autopilot…)? I do see that has a FIP addon as well.

    Which one is better for connecting the panels to X-Plane 11?

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    Basement Fly Guy
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    I prefer as it gives me much greater ability to customize and program the FIPs and other gear. I have one of the FIP dials, for example, set to turn the Com radio volume up or down. For me it’s been worth the money.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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