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    Hi All.  Just got my account activated here on the forums so thought I’d say hi from the UK.  Huge thanks firstly to BFG for a great site, some amazing inspiration and information.  I am just embarking on a sim build that I know is going to take me a while but will be a great project.  I am doing it so I can practice real world flight training and for the enjoyment of flying. It was going to follow the same construction as a lot of the ones I have seen here with a wood framed cockpit, but I had the most amazing stroke of luck, I have gotten my hands on a real Cessna 152 fuselage.  I found it lying behind the hangar at the local flying school where it has languished for about 5 years.  It is stripped of most of the parts but as I wont need them for the sim, that’s fine.  The poor craft was flipped over at the end of the runway after a bad landing and the tail section was pretty mangled and not fit to repair so it was scrapped. It has been a donor for the other school planes ever since.  Its now perfect to be made to fly again as a Sim as the bit I need is perfect.  I should be off to the airfield soon to get the saw to it and take the tail off back as far as the rear window and then use the remainder as my sim enclosure.  The side screens will be mounted outside the windows and like BFG I’ll use a projector for the front view.   I’m already testing hardware and visuals on the bench at home and planning like crazy.  Arduinos, ARDSimX and Mobiflight among others are becoming my best friends as I am building everything from scratch.  A few Saitek bits will creep in to get me “up in the air”  until I build all the radio stacks etc.  There is an amazing community among Flight Sim enthusiasts and I am proud to be a part of it.  Hopefully any experiences I have that will help others I will be able to share.

    Ive added couple of pictures of the fuselage as is stands now and this is before I have even washed off 5 years of dirt and moss. I’ll upload more as things progress.

    Best wishes to all from the UK


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    Hello Jeff,

    Welcome!  I look forward to seeing your progress.

    My own sim build has stalled due to work and family obligations, but I hope to get back to it soon.




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    It’s going to be amazing for you to give that 152 new life!


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