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    I need help to fine tune my projector for xplane, When i use the optoma for a movie streaming od blueray the image looks HD and great at 12-15 ft. When i am inside the cockpit my side tvs look different than front screen. I see it less define and the colors are different, I can say the side tvs are not real but the front mage is not real too. I see the blue with some green tint and the terrain is also bad. I dont know if i can use a software or some instructions available,

    When I compare the videos from OTG with my views, frustrate me.

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    Same here….also,

    .HOW THE HECK to I get my side tvs to properly align with my front view projector…I have been trying for a WEEK and just can get it lined up right?

    I am using FSX: SE edition and the default C172



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    I did some calibration using online calibration tools. You might check out this site:


    And this one (which I used several times):


    After I had each monitor calibrated using the above test, I they eyeballed the contrast, brightness, and tint so the front and sides matched pretty well.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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