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    i updated xplane including my acf file. As usually, I used planemaker to delete some parts. Unfortunately they now are blue. How can I fix this?


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    Pedro J Monroig

    Looks like a prefill object. Check the objects in plane maker and see if any objects have ‘prefill’ checked. You’ll need to remove that object as well. Happened me when upgrade too.

    I am reinstalling everything, installed the update and my plane is out of control when accelerating. Updates!!

    Let me know if works


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks Pedro, this solved the problem!</p>

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    Hello world,

    1 and about 1/2 of a year later I need to dig up this thread again.

    I am struggling to get certain cockpit objects out of the way using PlaneMaker without beeing left with the blue appearance.

    No matter what, I still see the blue part where the object was placed. I tried to adjust the prefill menu, I deleted the object, I altered the object dds-file… but nothing solved it.

    FYI: I try to alter the out of the box LR C172SP and all I want is to get rid of the “cockpit 1” and “cockpit 2” objects, since they seem to be the ones that leave the blue image.

    This happens on X-Plane 11.32 running on Windows.

    Any hints? I appreciate any help on this one 🙂

    Kind regards and many happy landings!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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