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    I’ve been so busy with work and working on my instrument that getting the time to work on the sim is tough.   I have the frame and panel done and now ready to cut holes for avionics.

    Couple of questions…. How do you hold the iPad in place?  How far in from the far left edge of the panel is the hole for the yoke?  Thanks and thanks for your site!

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    Andrew Lawrence
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    Not sure that I can answer your question, but I have one for you.  Right now I am using the virtual panel on my setup, mostly because of the cost of instruments.  Are you using the iPad for all your instruments, and radios?

    Looking at options for the future.  🙂



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    Thanks.  It appears the BFG has his iPad mounted on the back of the panel.  Just was wondering whats holding it in place.  I plan on using the iPad with Remote Flight for the 6 pack and another for radios.  I will likely buy the Garmin 530 from Real Sim Gear.  I have two of the FIP’s,  switch and radio panels, rudders, pro yoke with throttle quadrant and trim wheel.  Gonna stay away from VR for awhile as I’m working on my instrument rating real world.  Trying to figure out how far in on the panel do I make the cut for the saitek yoke or just eyeball the thing in.


    Andrew Lawrence
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    Since I am using the virtual panel right now, I kind of lined up the yoke with the yoke on the panel.  Might be a way to get the left/right position.

    VR is great, but the resolution is not there yet.  I have a Rift, and it is good, but it is hard to see things in the distance.  The new Pimax 5K+ looks like it may improve things a lot.

    Here are a couple of pictures of my setup, maybe it will help, maybe not.  🙂




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