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    Hi. Now i have a part of my construction here ;o) Now iam asking me if the high and the distance are ok for a projector short distance to have a good view.

    The distance between my wooden construct to blanket is 65 cm (in german) and the distance to the wall from front of my construction is approximately 20 cm (in german).

    I sent you Picture for a better look.

    I hope you can help me , when its ok i buy a Beamer, otherwise i must buy a big tv in Front. When a Beamer goes, pls write what Beamer you recommend me.

    Thank you so much for your help !!!

    Greets from Germany Flo


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    Richard Wolff

    The screen I have is a 100 inch screen. That’s the diagonal; the width is 87″ (221 cm). Center your cockpit where the center (left/right) of the screen will be and sit down in the pilot’s seat. You want a screen wide enough that you can’t see the edges when looking around in normal pilot posture. The front of my cockpit is only 3 inches/ 7.6 cm from the screen and yet I can see just a bit of the right hand side of the screen. For me a slightly wider screen would be better.

    For the projector, I’m using a short throw projector, Optoma GT5500. If your ceiling isn’t very high, you may need a such short throw device. Otherwise a more normal throw projector is less expensive. The bottom of my screen ended up 33″ (84 cm) from the floor. All you need of course is that you can’t see any sides when seated. It’s nicer if you can get enough space between cockpit and screen that you can access the back of the panel from that space. But a larger space requires a wider screen. Once you have all that determined, a simple scale drawing from the side will tell you where and how high you can mount a projector that will fill the screen and not hit the top of the cockpit. Then you can determine the projector type. You might find the web site “projectorcentral.com” helpful.

    Pedro J Monroig

    See my posting”Optoma projector setting”, you need high but I am having problems with my projector

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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