The PilotEdge Alphabet Challenge

The other day I started flying the PilotEdge Alphabet Challenge, which is a series of 32 flights to airports in the PilotEdge coverage area, each representing a letter of the alphabet or the numerals from 0 to 9. You’re supposed to fly them in order, and from point-to-point (so, starting at Apple Valley to Bakersfield, then Bakersfield to Camarillo, then Camarillo to Delano Muni, etc.). You can see the full list of flights here.

It’s a great training concept because in the process of flying the challenge you cover a wide range of terrain and encounter a large variety of airspace and ATC experiences. I’m flying the whole thing VFR, and here are all 32 legs on one map (clickable to see a bit larger):


Those are all direct routes. I won’t be flying them direct, but adding the VOR waypoints makes it even more difficult to make out the map.

You’re supposed to fly the challenge within one year. According to the latest count, 94 PE users have begun the challenge since it started a few years back, and 24 have finished. I’ve already flown the first two legs, Apple Valley – Bakersfield and Bakersfield – Camarillo, and I’m looking forward to doing more. I’ll update this map as I do.