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As I didn´t plan the whole process (recommendation: don´t do it …plan first…) I had to do some adjustmens to the MIP to build the stand. The MIP now rest on 4 corner posts connected by two beams of approx. 5x4cm. To make it rest on the beams I cut out two slots in the triangle supports.

Still no screws needed as I used the same technique to join the beams. Due to the tight fit it even stays in position without any glue + it will be perfectly square! Anyways I´m gonna use 3 bolts to connect the stand to the MIP 😉

You can easily do the cuts on the tablesaw, with a tracksaw/circular or even on a bandsaw. I wouldn´t use a jigsaw due to safety reasons but it could work as well… Just set your depth and make the cuts close to each other. When you are done, simply remove the chucks with your hand and clean the surface with a chisel or some sandpaper.