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    Pedro J Monroig
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    What will be a reasonable in price? I have an Optoma 1080 Darbee which is short throw and looks ok from far. The reason, a cheap screen, I am learning in this construction project and didn’t know about how bad picture you can get with a ebay low cost screen. lessons learned, but I don’t really want ot spend more than what cost the projector. I am also reading about painting the wall and are many was from $ to $$$$$$$$$$$$$.


    Any help will be appreciated.

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    I had good luck with Carl’s Blackout Screen.  Pretty inexpensive on Amazon.  A roll of 66″x110″ is like 40 dollars.

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    Basement Fly Guy
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    I think I’ll look into that, too.


    N15JG On PilotEdge

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    Thanks for sharing this.  I was starting to look at projectors and pull down screens.  Just added this to my cart.

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    Rob Hagan
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    I’m thinking of building my own 180 degree curved projection screen, using 8′-10′ diameter curved pipes from an old trampoline frame. You can find them for free or cheap on Craigslist. It should go together pretty easy and cheap, with a Carl’s screen.

    Good luck!

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    Yo compre una pantalla pero no lograba que se vea sin deformacion, opte por reemplazarla por una placa de madera enchapada blanca y quedo fantastica

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