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    Basement Fly Guy

    Posting this for Chas as he was unable to post for some reason. BFG


    Before you run out and buy either an Oculus OR or Vive, you need to check out the Mixed Reality headsets because;

    1.Windows Mixed Reality headsets are compatible with both Vive and Oculus programs and games and apps through SteamVR.

    2.neither Vive nor Oculus are compatible with any Windows Mixed Reality games or apps.

    3. The Dev team are getting WMR headset(s) today, and they don’t think that it will be an onerous task to include WMR to the mix, since they are ALL current PC HEADSETS are based upon SteamVR.
    3.a Revive has just released a new version in the last day.

    Below, a quick trip from and two of my WED Airports, Carnes Farm K69, my fictitious, but geographically-correctly-placed on our property in Flat Lick, KY…lots and lots ‘o hills, and Bell county Middlesboro airport, 1A6; I’m running X-Plane Native VR and Windows Mixed Reality headset by Lenovo .

    A, I tried posting this in your new virtual reality forum but for some reason could not get in or was not allowed to reply or post… If you could move this post to where it belongs, and take care of my access, I would be most appreciative.


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    Great post, thanks very much for bringing this up. I’m interested to see what new Windows Mixed Reality headsets will debut or be shown in the coming days, as I would expect more news about them coming out of the Consumer Electronics Expo.


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