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    I am in the plannig stage of my sim, and have some thoughts about what front view I wil use.

    when looking at your videos and drawing I see that with a 100″ screen in 16/9 format you have a width of +/- 87″ and a height of 49″.

    give or take, I am used to cm.

    with a front view of 46″ that leaves 20,1/2″ view on both left and right that is not to be seen, in the height it is 9″ above and below.

    so I guess you need to set the zoom very low to match with the side screens?

    A curved screen LED tv , 4K, of 65″ these days cost about 900$ here in Belgium

    a short throw beamer like yours and projection screen almost double the price.

    these  65″ tv’s have a width of 56.1/2″ and height of  32″. Given the fact that the window on your sim is 31″ high, without the front panel blocking the view this is perfect. The width looses just 5″ each side.

    I never used a beamer before but I have some questions if you don’t mind.

    is a beamer not less sharp?

    less contrast?

    is the projector screen not sensitive to wobling ( draft) ?

    sensitive to ambient light?

    on the other hand, is a tv screen that close and that big not more blocky, to large pixels?

    many questions, maybe there is someone here who actualy uses such big tv screen.

    kind regards


    Dennis Wierzbicki

    I’m running a 50″ 1080p for my main screen, and 2 x 32″ 1080p on the sides. I’m also employing a 22″ 1080p screen for my instruments that is running a Windows 10 stick computer with Air Manager for instruments, networked into the main computer.

    My CPU is a i7-7700K 4.2GHz w/ 32GB RAM, and a 1080 GPU, and I’m getting around 30 fps on all screens with moderate graphics settings.

    You’re gonna be challenged to run a front screen at 4K – that’s like running FOUR 1080p screens, from the perspective of your CPU/GPU. If you hope to run any side screens, and/or a screen for your instruments, I’d imagine you’re going to likely have frame rate issues.

    A 65″ 1080p LED TV will be a LOT cheaper than a 65″ 4K screen, and will still give you a decent field of view over your glare shield.


    Hi Dennis,

    thanks for your answer.

    I have a I7 3770K running at 4.5 and a GTX 1080 and 16 gig ram.

    I don’t want to run it at 4K, this tv is a bargan, I want to run it at 1080x 1920.

    Hope this will not be a problem,

    the second pc ,laptop  I7 with 16 gig ram and a GTM 780 gpu will run air manager  and the stand alone GN 750 over a network.

    still in doubt wether to use the radio stack from airmanager or the saitek pro flight one,

    are you happy with the 50″ screen ? Does it look good pixel wise I mean?


    Basement Fly Guy

    Hi and thanks for your question. I’ve stuck with the beamer because I want a full field of view out the front window for both me and the co-pilot. This means a visible width of about 80 inches based on where the screen sits. With a smaller screen either I or the passenger will see the edge of 65-inch TV. I recently considered getting a 70″ HDTV, and even with that I only have about six inches of extra room at the side of the cabin based on where it would sit, and again, I’m concerned I would see the side and lose the immersion.

    As for your other questions, the beamer is very solid. No shaking for me. As for the zoom, the front screen is a field of view of 109 degrees and the sides are 57. I do see pixels on the front if I think about it. Otherwise I don’t notice them.

    As soon as a 75 inch HDTV is affordable I will probably get one and replace the beamer. But they’re still too expensive at this point.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

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