A New Feature At On The Glideslope: OTG Q&A

Often in the OTG forums, via email, and during my live streams people ask questions about the home cockpit, construction, and more. So to make it easier for others to ask questions and get answers I’ve added a new feature to the website: a questions and answers page (like you might see at Quora, but more simple). You can post questions, offer answers, vote on answer quality, and more. Links are in the menu and the sidebar. I ask that those with questions give it a try, and please note that I hope everyone in the OTG community will help in providing answers (as my time to answer every question is limited). Let me know what you think, and thanks for asking and answering questions.

Help Me Name My Book!

After more than a year of having it on the back burner, I’ve been working recently to complete my book on building a home GA flight simulator. I’m searching for a title — one better for a Kindle ebook than “Building Your Basement Flight Simulator: A General Guide” — and would like your help. Please consider taking the poll below, and I will use the results to inform my thinking on the title. Thanks so much.

What Should I Name My Book?

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Panel Rebuild Update

It’s finished, and at least for now everything is working. I still need to build the new glare shield, and hope to do that this weekend.

Some lessons learned along the way: first, if your flight information panels aren’t working it’s almost surely because Windows has turned auto power management for the USB hubs back on. I love this particular lesson because I get to relearn it about every six months.

Second, for the GNS 530 to sit atop the 430 I need a right-angle HDMI adapter. One is arriving today, and until then the GNS units are a bit less than flush with each other.

Third, and perhaps most important, is that I learned the GTX 1080ti, while it has five display ports on it, is only capable of displaying to four monitors at once. This means I wouldn’t be able to run both GNS units at the same time. Fortunately I was able to change a setting in my BIOS that allows my PC to run both the card and the onboard GPU simultaneously, and this seems to be working well.

It’s Panel Rebuild Day

Here’s the “before” …

Making progress …

Time to start cutting …

Fitting things together …

Paint is on and drying. I was able to find a nice flat black this time. I wasn’t a fan of the matte finish on the last panel.

Now rebuilding … and cleaning up USB mayhem.

New Cockpit Cam Setup

I’ve been playing around with the OBS streaming software and have found a way to share my right- and left-hand window views. Here’s a test and I think it works well. Let me know what you think.

A Great New Tool: VMI-Twick VR

A Great New Tool: VMI-Twick VR

This past weekend I started working with VMI-Twick VR, a new utility that allows you to auto-manage object visibility in X-Plane. Set a desired frame rate, and the utility makes more or fewer objects visible with the goal of hitting that frame rate target. In this, it works a lot like 3jFPS, which many of X-Plane folks use (in VR and non-VR). Twick is nice in that you can see it in the VR headset. It’s also nice in that it allows you to modify many other settings, including fog, shadows, cloud density, number of vehicles, etc. This is helpful not only in managing frames, but it getting a look in the sim that suits your eye. Highly recommended, and it works in non-VR, too.

GTX1080ti First Impressions

I’ll put up a longer post later, but initial impressions under my normal 980ti settings:

Running one screen, 1080p:

  • Before, KSPG clear skies: 90 FPS
  • 1080ti: 115 FPS
  • Before, KSPG overcast: 76 FPS
  • 1080ti: 91 FPS
  • And in VR:
    • Before, KSPG clear skies: 45 FPS
    • 1080ti: 45 FPS
    • Before, KSPG overcast: 30 FPS
    • 1080ti: 43 FPS

    Now I’m going to get into playing with changing settings, but so far I am very happy!