RealSimGear GNS 530 Video Review

My video review of the RealSimGear GNS 530. Summary: a great piece of gear that I can highly recommend. Build quality is excellent, setup was a snap, and with the RealityXP GNS 530 running on it it’s as close to the real thing as you can get. If I were starting from scratch I would prioritize this unit well ahead of any Saitek radios. And if you don’t have a home cockpit, this self-contained unit can sit your desk and provide a fully-functional GPS running alongside your monitor and keyboard. Lean more about it at

2 thoughts on “RealSimGear GNS 530 Video Review

  1. Looks like the real things.

    What a re the actual dimensions of the device ?

    How is the display, do you get any distortions when looking an angle, which are very common on
    those small LCD displays ?

    Any issues when running the device in conjunction with 4K main monitor, I have similar Display running 800×600 & when the main monitor is set to 4K this thing start to wobble ?

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