RealSimGear GNS 430 Unboxing

The good folks at RealSimGear were kind enough to send me one of their GNS 430 units for testing in the home cockpit. I already have the 530

, which is fantastic, but as I use a 430 in the real world I was eager to have a similar unit in the basement sim. I likely won’t get the unit installed for another week or so, but here’s the unboxing. Like the 530, the quality is excellent, and I’m excited to use it.



2 thoughts on “RealSimGear GNS 430 Unboxing

  1. Seems like high quality product, however if price is a factor , I picked up G530 at the Las Vegas Expo from Propwash, works & looks fantastic with both XP Reality and the Stock GPS and the price is unbeatable, it based on Arduino Board, Installing is a snap, the only drawback is the connectors which are protruding to the side, so there is no way to incorporate it with or into the GoFlight rack

    here is the link

  2. Thanks for posting that, Yair, I have been looking for a hardware GPS for my basement cockpit for months, but I’ve never run across the propwashsim site. I didn’t want to pay $400 for the RealSim gear version. Looks like pretty much the same thing for half the price.

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