1U7 To KWYS Point-To-Point (Full Flight)

This is leg two of my place-to-place flights, 1U7 Bear Lake Co., ID to KWYS West Yellowstone. This is a full flight video with no edits and with PilotEdge flight following along the way. If you’d like the scenery, it’s here: 1U7, KWYS. As always, thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “1U7 To KWYS Point-To-Point (Full Flight)

  1. Nice film, OTG. I’m heading up the west coast to Bowerman, then east towards home (KFRG), and I plan on stopping at W. Yellowstone on the way, so I especially appreciate the preview.

    Now I’m just a sim pilot, with only a very little RW experience, but I do have two observations from many hours flying the FSX Mooney B.
    1. With a fast bird like the Saratoga (and my Mooney), turns will be a bit wider than with the Skyhawk of Cherokee, so adjust pattern accordingly.
    2. At over 6K altitude, you need to lean the engine a little or it will cut out at idle. I had the same thing happen to me when taxiing a KABQ a couple of years back, and found that above 5K engine must be leaned a bit or it stalls.

    Did enjoy our flight together on PE last week; looking forward to doing it again when I come back west into PE territory.


    1. Thanks, Ken. You’re right on the speed. “Fast ship? She’s fast enough for you, old man.”

      Actually, in the real world you should lean the airplane anytime density altitude is up over 3,000 feet. The simple method is to back of the mixture until the engine starts to run a little rough, and then enrich it just a bit until it’s smooth again. Otherwise you can foul your plugs, sacrifice performance, and burn a bunch of unnecessary gas …

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