1U7 Bear Lake County (X-Plane)

1U7 Bear Lake County (X-Plane)

Bear Lake County Airport sits just north of Bear Lake along the Utah / Idaho border. It averages 200 hops a month, with only four GA aircraft based an the field full-time. This strip is a nice stopover for your flights from the mountains and National Parks of Wyoming and Idaho to those UT. To use this scenery you will need these libraries:

It also benefits from Airport Environment HD, as do all X-Plane airports.

This scenery is good for XP 10 and 11. The attached screen caps are with my own orthophoto tile underneath and World2XP America / HD Mesh 3, but note that this scenery has no embedded ortho images.

This scenery is freeware and may get it here at the .org. Thanks for looking and happy flying.

1U7 2

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