RealSimGear GNS 530 Unboxing

Jarrod of RealSimGear was very kind in sending me a beta unit of the new GNS 530 he is offering. Unlike other GPS 3D-printed build-your-own kits, the RealSimGear unit is complete and ready to plug into your X-Plane sim. Here’s the unboxing, and I’ll have a full video review up as soon as I’ve got it in the sim and have given it a few flights. Already this morning I’ve plugged in and configured the unit. I can tell you that this unit running the RealityXP GNS 530 plugin is JUST LIKE the real thing. I’m mounting it in the panel now and a full review will follow, and I hope to use the unit during the PilotEdge flight later today.

3 thoughts on “RealSimGear GNS 530 Unboxing

  1. Looks Great!!

    I would Love to see a GTN 750 unit offered!

    That and Reality XP’s GTN 750 software would be the ultimate.

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